Five Things that Make Us Unique (2009)

Five Things that Make Us Unique (2009)

The Humane Party is a new political party in the United States of America.  We are the first American political party committed to the rights of all animals, not just the human kind.

We expect to run our first U.S. Senatorial candidate in 2012 and our first Presidential candidate in 2016.  And we need volunteers nationwide right now!

Described below are five traits that distinguish the Humane Party from other U.S. political parties.

Distinction #1

Our platform is humane.

At this special moment in history, the highest ethical path also happens to be the most practical one.  And that path is “humane.”

The Humane Party, therefore, embraces the moral and eminently practical position that it is wrong to contribute, in any way, to the exploitation or suffering of other sentient beings. In particular, we recognize the scientific reality that this very exploitation is at the heart of the environmental, economic and health problems our nation—and planet—face today.

Distinction #2

Our candidates live in accord with humane principles.

We believe integrity to be an essential character trait for modern political officials. Each Humane Party candidate must, therefore, publicly declare that he or she personally adheres to humane principles in his or her own personal choices, such as those relating to food, clothing and entertainment.  This commitment entails that candidates abstain from any manner of exploitation of animals and the use or consumption of animal products.

Distinction #3

We set the new standard for a “green” political party.

In striking at the roots of the environmental crisis, the Humane platform serves as the new benchmark against which the platforms of all other U.S. parties will be measured.  Readers who wish to learn more about why the Humane Party approach represents the most environmentally sound position of any U.S. political party are encouraged to read the United Nations’ report Livestock’s Long Shadow (full version [opens in new browser window]) and other material related to the true environmental cost of inhumanity.

Distinction #4

Our health care plan cares about your health.

We believe a health care plan should address sources, not just symptoms.  It should ask, “What’s the best choice”, not just “How will the bill be paid”.  Accordingly, a national health care plan must emphasize disease prevention and wellness promotion, a proactive approach that is significantly more cost-effective than that of simply waiting for health problems to arise and then treating them.

While the other parties have focused the health care debate almost exclusively on how to pay for services, the Humane Party directly targets the sources of the health problems that plague our nation, from obesity to heart disease.

Distinction #5

Our economic stimulus plan provides a lasting solution.

Having already amassed a record-breaking national debt exceeding $10 trillion, the major U.S. parties continue to espouse the view that incurring even more debt will solve our economic problems.  The Humane Party disagrees.  True and lasting economic recovery will require an approach that is rational, realistic and scientifically viable.

Specifically, while the human population continues to grow, the planet Earth does not.  As a result, every nation now faces an increasing need to preserve and restore its natural resources in order to protect both its economy and its national security interests.

The Humane Party addresses these needs by providing a solution that allows our nation’s natural resources—including land, water, air, flora and fauna—to serve as a source for economic strength and national security for future generations.

Now Is the Time To Get Involved

Americans now have an extraordinary opportunity.  We stand squarely at the crossroads. We can set the United States on a path to prosperity, security and continued independence.  Or we can continue toward dependence on foreign investment and resources, environmental waste and destruction, economic disintegration, and moral lethargy.

The Humane Party is rising to meet the challenge.  If this message resonates with you, we invite you to volunteer to be a part of this mission.  The journey will be memorable, and the destination momentous.  Be there for it!

We believe that the Humane Party is the party you’ve been waiting for.  Become part of the team—for our country, our planet and all her inhabitants.