Humane Party Oath

Introduction—The Humane Party Oath is modeled on the following oaths:  Presidential Oath (Article II, §I of U.S. Constitution), Oath for Federal Employees (Title 5, §3331 of U.S. Code), Hippocratic Oath, and attorney oaths from various jurisdictions.

The Humane Party Oath (2011)

I do solemnly swear (or affirm), in the presence of my family, friends and fellow citizens, that I will, to the best of my ability and judgment, keep and fulfill this Oath.

1.  I will faithfully execute the duties of any United States governmental or Humane Party organizational office or position to which I am elected, appointed, hired or assigned.

2.  I will preserve, protect and defend the United States of America and her Constitution, always bearing true faith and allegiance to the same.

3.  I will diligently keep informed of social, scientific and political issues, consulting respected authorities and advisors when appropriate while yet never seeking to avoid my own nondelegable duty to remain so informed and to stand accountable for all decisions I make.

4.  I will patiently, thoughtfully and carefully determine and then resolutely follow those courses of action that best promote the peace, prosperity, happiness and safety of the United States, her citizens, and all who dwell within her lands.

5.  To the utmost of my ability, I will faithfully adhere to humane values in my personal and professional choices, including, but not limited to, my choices pertaining to food, clothing and entertainment. Such values provide that no sentient being shall be subjected to instrumental use or exploitation by another and that all human beings are obligated to serve as responsible stewards of the environment.

6.  I will steadfastly pursue the political embodiment of humane ideals through appropriate legislation and governmental action.

7.  I will live a life of integrity such that the personal, professional and political dimensions of my life remain consonant with each other.

8.  I pledge to respect those who have not committed to live or serve as have I, welcoming and honoring the contribution—great or small—of all who willingly advance the cause of the nation, the party, and the values expressed in this Oath.  Without judgment, I will seek to understand, accept and inspire others, demonstrating the worth of humane choices through my own personal word and deed.

9.  While I keep this Oath inviolate, may I enjoy and share with others a life of abundance and belonging, the respect and affection of country and creature alike, and the joy of service in accordance with this Oath.

The Humane Party Oath is also available in audio format.