2014 Platform

Humane Party Platform – 2014

The Humane Party has adopted the following simple set of resolutions as the Humane Party’s 2014 platform. We have:

RESOLVED that appropriate legislation be enacted and appropriate governmental action taken so as to:

  • require balanced federal, state, and territorial budgets, subject to narrowly tailored exceptions.
  • ensure equality under federal, state, and territorial law, such equality including but not limited to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and marriage equality.
  • end inhumane and fiscally unsound criminal investigation, trial, sentencing, and incarceration systems and practices, such legislation and action including but not limited to:
    1. repeal of so-called “Three Strikes” laws and other inhumane mandatory sentencing laws;
    2. repeal of the so-called “Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act”, “Ag-Gag” laws, and other attempts to suppress speech, expressive conduct, and political dissent;
    3. elimination of the death penalty; and
    4. elimination of systems and practices that create profit motives to incarcerate people or keep them incarcerated.
  • end non-emergency-based use of toxic, hazardous, and economically untenable fuels and energy production methods, such fuels and methods including but not limited to “fossil” fuels and nuclear fission, such legislation and action including but not limited to:
    1. replacing such fuels and methods with alternatives that serve the nation’s immediate and long-term economic and national security interests; and, to the degree possible,
    2. remedying, both independently from and in concert with the international community, the harms heretofore caused by such fuels and methods.
  • end inhumane, scientifically indefensible, and economically unsound exploitation of other species by humans, such legislation and action including but not limited to:
    1. elimination of both domestic and foreign trade in sentient beings, regardless of species;
    2. elimination of torture, mutilation, and slaughter of such beings;
    3. elimination of both domestic and foreign trade in products resulting from or obtained by way of such exploitation, such products including dead body parts of animals and live animal secretions; and
    4. elimination of services that include or are provided by way of such exploitation, such services including experiments performed on live animals and entertainment events that include live animals.
  • abolish the property status of (“emancipate”) other animals by either:
    1. explicitly recognizing all other animals as fully protected individuals under the 13th Amendment prohibition of slavery; or
    2. ratifying a new Constitutional amendment emancipating all other animals.
  • grant legal standing and personhood to all other animals, such that an animal’s rights can be enforced through a duly authorized legal guardian.
  • defend the nation’s air, land, and water resources against further contamination and depletion, such defense including but not limited to:
    1. elimination of anthropogenic effects on air quality beyond those inherent to humans as organisms;
    2. establishment of zero-landfill waste management systems in all U.S. municipalities;
    3. preservation of the remaining ecosystems of which the nation is a part;
    4. protection of the remaining species who inhabit such ecosystems; and, to the degree possible,
    5. revitalization of such ecosystems.
  • cultivate the nation’s international excellence in education, scholarship, and personal and professional development.
  • allow humans, in appropriate cases of terminal, incurable and chronically painful illnesses, to exercise a right to die, including but not limited to a right to physician-assisted suicide.
  • end inhumane, scientifically indefensible, and economically unsound practices with respect to genetically modified organisms (“GMO”):
    1. ban genetic modification of animals;
    2. ban all GMO, all GMO products or byproducts, and all GMO-tainted items from the food supply, including anything that may be consumed by humans or other animals, whether wild or domestic, whether intentionally or accidentally;
    3. destroy all GMO crops and seeds that have already been released into contact with the natural environment; and
    4. impose strict liability on all parties whose conduct causes any GMO-related environmental or ecological contact, alteration or impact.
  • modernize intellectual property and freedom-of-information laws, such legislation and action including but not limited to:
    1. harmonization of copyright and trademark law with patent law such that private causes of action for infringement remain but criminal penalties that include possibility of incarceration are eliminated;
    2. guaranteeing of free, immediate, and unrestricted public access to all information produced by or in collaboration with any governmental entity or any tax-exempt entity, including but not limited to any private academic institution that benefits from tax exemption, except upon a clear and convincing demonstration by the party in possession of such information that such access would present an immediate and articulable threat to national security; and
    3. protection of whistleblowers who expose illegal governmental practices against governmental retaliation.
  • enhance national security, such legislation and action including but not limited to:
    1. enacting the fiscal, energy, and environmental policies detailed herein;
    2. modernizing the U.S. approach to national security so as to achieve both greater security and lower costs; and
    3. eliminating systems and practices that create profit motives to engage in war or to encourage other nations to engage in war.
  • replace the electoral college system with direct democratic Presidential elections.

RESOLVED that, as always, the Humane Party will endorse only those candidates for public office who have committed to:

  • leading their lives in accord with humane values;
  • pursuing and achieving those political and legal solutions that accord with such values; and
  • opposing and defeating all proposed courses of action that would, if followed, conflict with such values.

SO WE HAVE RESOLVED on February 19, 2014, and this draft WE HAVE RATIFIED on March 19, 2014, with the intent for publication on Humane Party Platform Day, April 22, 2014.