Economic Transition Team | Mission Statement

Flowers | photo by Humane Herald staff

The mission of the Economic Transition Team is to end 100% of the exploitation of all animals within the United States and its economy.

In pursuit of this mission, we wish to:

  • complete reports on every sector of the United States economy as related to agriculture, the environment, natural resources, rural economic development, education, jobs, financial services, health care, national security, law enforcement, transportation, science, and technology;
  • share our findings with all interested parties upon completion and publish said reports through, among other outlets, The Humane Herald;
    become, in part, a vegan, abolitionist “think tank” where we attempt not only to highlight the issues but also to enable transition of all relevant industries from exploitation-based to exploitation-free; and
  • be a forum for bright human minds, young and old alike, to come together, envision, and create a fully vegan world.